Sewing The Scene


So, what’s this all about then? As I mentioned before, Sewing The Scene is a just-for-fun sewing challenge, that now also has prizes! And this is the Official Post, with all the Official Information.

The idea is to sew something for your normal wardrobe (not a costume) inspired by film or TV, then share a photo on Instagram with the tag #sewingthescene so we can all see it and marvel at your good ideas and crazy skills! The deadline for prize entries is October 15th. I will choose finalists in 3 categories, then we can all vote for the winners here on the blog.  And the categories are…

1. Scarily Accurate: Maybe its a special detail, or the perfect fabric – something that stands out as faithful to the original inspiration.

Winner will receive a £50 fabric hamper from Minerva Crafts, AND a mini box from Sew Hayley Jane. (This prize is U.K. only.)

2. Just Wow: Mad sewing skills. You know who you are.

Winner will receive a £50 fabric hamper from Minerva Crafts AND a £20 voucher from Beyond Measure, with shipping. (Open internationally!)

3. Bang Up To Date: Something right at home in /017, perhaps surprisingly? An update or a twist?

Winner will receive a £50 fabric hamper from Minerva Crafts AND a PDF sewing pattern of their choice from By Hand London. (Open internationally!)

And feel free to post ideas and process (I will be!), or you can keep it a secret until it’s finished – up to you! Only the finished garment photo will be considered your entry, and you can enter as any times as you like.

HUGE thank you to the sponsors: Minerva Crafts, Sew Hayley Jane, Beyond Measure and By Hand London. I just think it’s fantastic how they support the online sewing community.

So, if you need me, I’ll be drooling over everyone’s cool ideas over on Instagram!



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