Sewing The Scene – Vote Here!!

You guys are the most amazing makers. I love each and every project posted for #sewingthescene. I love the inspiration from every era, I love the execution – some faithful, some wildly and hilariously left-field – and most of all I love how so many of these projects seemed to be just waiting for an excuse to spring into existence! I know that’s why I enjoy a sewing challenge. I love it. Anyway, on to some finalists! Many of these have additional photos on Instagram – check them out.

Scarily Accurate:

@gingerpoodle was inspired by Jennifer Lopez in Shades of Blue to make an absolutely flawless trench coat. I never noticed how strong J.Lo’s trench game was!

@tuppencehapenny posted this stunner, inspired by 8 Women. The fit, the colour, the draped collar. It’s an amazing copy, but the film is possibly just obscure enough (you should totally see it if you haven’t) that it’s a beautiful dress that isn’t so recognisable it feels like a costume.

@sewagainstthegrain made this gorgeous dress, inspired by Norma Bates! I haven’t actually seen the show, Bates Motel, but looking at the photos it is completely spot-on. Check out the collar! The piping on those princess seams! It’s so, so good.

So vote for your favourite!


Just Wow:

@sarkirsten shared this beautiful Pride and Prejudice inspired outfit, and I’m in love with it. It was actually really hard to choose between this and her other amazing Sabrina entry, but ultimately this won me over with detail: she drafted both pieces, hand dyed the dress fabric with walnut husks, and used antique Mother of Pearl buttons from her hometown. To me, that’s romantic.

@seamracer also had two stunning entries, but I especially loved her Agent Carter outfit. Again, so much thought went into every step of the process, from the beautiful Hawaiian barkcloth to the peplum blouse pattern from 1947 (Simplicity 1590), to the customised scallops. I mean, wow, right?

@listokap knocked this out of the park as well, and it’s Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote! The appliqué on the sweater, the colours, the fabric was pieced together so that the stripes would be exactly right. So much planning went into this, and it’s delightful.

So which is your favourite? I know, hard to choose!


Bang Up To Date:

@sopbac_ made a Hidden Figures dress, that I think feels right at home for autumn in 2017! The fabric, the fit – so lovely, and cozy looking as well.

@ashlee_crashlee was inspired by Annie Hall to make menswear-as-womenswear separates, and cracked me up by suggesting that the look ended up “a little Harry Potter meets Republican National Convention”, but then styled it differently to show how very wearable it really is.

@ellenmargareta went for an amazingly cute and faithful Land Girls outfit, which is so interesting because she’s used the Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs pattern – aka, the pattern of the season. Styled like this, you’ve got a Land Girl, but the pieces are great for right now as well.

You know what to do!



A huge thank you to all the sponsors, Minerva Crafts, By Hand London, Beyond Measure and Sew Hayley Jane, and to ALL OF YOU for participating and making this such a fun challenge. Voting will be open for 48 hours, so everyone has a chance to get to it, then I will announce winners on Instagram!


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