Sewing The Scene ’18

It’s BACK! Sewing the Scene is back for another year, and it’s set to be bigger and better this time around. So… what is it? It’s a challenge to sew something you absolutely love, for your normal wardrobe, inspired by film or TV. Don’t we all have a look (or two… or three…) we’ve always wanted to copy? Last year I finally got around to making things I’ve always coveted from Amélie and The Talented Mr. Ripley, and some loungewear loosely inspired by my fav guilty pleasure Practical Magic. This year, what will it be?? I feel like it’s so easy to get stuck sewing whatever is in front of me, new trends, much-needed basics, and forget that I’m working on the wardrobe of my dreams here! As home sewists, we get to take inspiration from ANYWHERE – the sky is the limit – so let’s have some fun with it, shall we?

How to take part:

  • Sew a new garment or outfit inspired by film or TV.
  • Post a photo of your finished project on Instagram by the 1st of October, 2018, using the tag #sewingthescene18.

Your inspiration can be from any film or show, from any era, and the interpretation is entirely up to you: it can be a faithful recreation or a twist. Do share what the inspiration was though – that’s part of the fun!

What you consider “normal wardrobe” is also up to you! Maybe you need an 18th century ballgown for your birthday party – what do I know? I only mean that this is intended as an inspiration challenge for the sewing community, rather than a cos-play thing.

Feel free to post inspiration, planning, process and general chatter using the tag #sewingthescene, but for finished projects please use #sewingthescene18 and make sure to tag me (@theunfinishedseamstress) so I don’t miss any of your wonderful entries! Multiple entries are allowed.

Just like last year, we’re going to vote on finalists in 3 categories to celebrate some of our favourites, and give out some prizes! I will choose the finalists, like last year, (which is inherently subjective, yes), then voting will be on this here blog. The categories are:

Faithful: An impressively faithful recreation.

A Twist: A creative re-imagining.

Just Wow: Skills. Skills on toast.

But there’s more! I also have a number of amazing sponsors generously donating MORE prizes that will be awarded randomly – so never fear, beginners and wallflowers, this is for all of us. Which brings me to these sponsors! All of these cool businesses are generously donating prizes:

Minerva Crafts: a £50 fabric hamper for the winners in all three voting categories. (International)

Folkwear Patterns: A printed pattern of the winners choice, also for the winner of the Faithful category. (International)

Sew Hayley Jane: A Super Stash Box, also for the winner of the Twist category. (International)

Beyond Measure: A £20 voucher + shipping, also for the winner of the Wow category. (International)

Sewalicious: £30 fabric voucher. Winner to be selected at random. (International)

My Body Model: £20 credit for custom croquis. Winner to be selected at random. (International)

Maven Patterns: 3 PDF patterns of the winner’s choice. Winner to be selected at random. (International)

Seamwork Magazine: 3 month Premium Subscription. Winner to be selected at random. (International)

Sew House Seven: 2 PDF patterns of the winner’s choice. Winner to be selected at random. (International)

Girl Charlee UK: £20 gift voucher. Winner to be selected at random. (UK and Europe)

…and last but not least, a bit of a biggie…

Janome UK are providing a Janome 230DC for one lucky winner. Yes, a brand new Janome machine. This is only available to UK residents for very understandable logistical reasons, so please do say if you’re UK based. Winner will be selected at random from UK based participants.

I will post more about the sponsors between now and October, and keep an eye out for the odd discount promotion. In other words, watch this space! The challenge is not affliated with Instagram, I should say.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

12 thoughts on “Sewing The Scene ’18

  1. Count me in! I saw on your Instagram you were asking us to mention were we live, too – I’m in the US. So excited for this! I’ve been working on trying to see my project finished early. Thank you for hosting this again! Also, just wondering – sorry if I missed it – can one enter more than one outfit? (I have more than one film inspiration outfit I’d love to wear, as I’m sure many of us have!)


    1. Good question- yes, you can do more than one outfit! Each one is a separate entry. I will add that to the post this morning. I’m so excited to see what you make!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Is there a way we non-instagrammers can enter? Perhaps a pinterest board we cam contribute to? I realise it’s logistically a bit complex, but it sounds like such a great competition! I might play along even if I can’t enter…..


    1. I’m not sure I could keep track of entries on multiple platforms! I will look at Pinterest, maybe for planning and inspiration fun, and of course voting will be here!


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