McCall’s 7756 Jumpsuit


Hi there! I’ve got jumpsuit fever this week (another coming out on Friday for Minerva Crafts!), and I finally made myself something I’ve been lusting after for years: a casual tie-front jumpsuit. I’ve been putting this striped Madewell jumpsuit on Polyvore boards (RIP, Polyvore) for years, always meaning to hack the pattern, but never quite found the right starting point. Enter M7756. For me, it seemed perfect, because it has a really relaxed fit, and only the slimmest sliver of exposed midriff. I was definitely looking for a bit of midriff, but not so much that I’d feel uncomfortable at the playground. The other side of that coin, however, is that the neckline comes out very low on me. As in, closer to my waist than my bust. Would I wear it like that, with nothing underneath? If I were going for drinks someplace fancy, on the hottest night of the year, maybe. Most of the time, for real life, probably not. I’ll wear either this lace strapless bralette (which I am still meaning to blog – sorry!), or a jersey crop top underneath.

I still really, really love it, but I’ve already retraced the bodice piece lifting the tie-point at the centre front about an inch. I’ve cut another “test version”, this time with a skirt, then I will see if it needs further tweaking. It’s also a little blousy, which doesn’t bother me too much but I could adjust that as well. I think both of these problems come from the fact that I made no effort to shorten the bodice, which is one of my standard adjustments being 5’2” and short in the torso, thinking that with the tie-front and elasticated waist, the fit would be quite forgiving. It is, generally, but still a bit too low for me. I did take the shoulder in slightly, because I’m narrow through the shoulders and it was a touch longer than I like.


If you’re not into elasticated waistbands (and I know a significant proportion of sewists aren’t), McCall’s 7789 (which I think is by the same designer at McCall’s?) or Cali Faye Dress 47 might be a better starting point. I happen to like the ease of elastic, and M7756 had the full-back sleeveless option that I wanted. I like the way the elastic casing is sewn, as well – easy but tidy – and I love the cut of the trousers. They might even work on their own, similar to the Ninni culottes from Named.


This fabric is a linen viscose blend that I picked up from Maggie’s in Lewisham for £2 a metre (£4 total), which was a STEAL because it is beautiful, high-quality fabric. I know from the sticker that the remnant came from Turkey, and the fibre content, but that’s all I know. Very lightweight, with good drape, and the slightest grey marl. It’s hard to find linen there (apparently it goes immediately), so I snapped it up no question. This peachy-orange is one of my “happy colours”, so it’s not  terribly shocking that I have bra, undies, even heels that match for a full-on Kim K monochrome. So, it’s a “test version” of the jumpsuit rather than a muslin, because I suspected the fit would be close enough to use good, if not expensive, fabric. I don’t have any striped linen for my Madewell knock-off, and the fabric I’ve seen that I like is out of my price range right now, so I may just keep my eyes peeled for a good deal. It could easily wait until next summer; I’ve waited this long, it’s worth waiting a little longer to get the right thing at the right price.


In the meantime, I have a *nearly* perfect jumpsuit. You know I’m not a perfectionist by any stretch of the imagination, so I’m pretty happy, while still bubbling with ideas for improvements. This is why I love sewing my clothes.

Bonus points if you can spot the dinosaur in my garden.

Jo xx


7 thoughts on “McCall’s 7756 Jumpsuit

  1. That look so good on you, it is a great colour and I have seen that style of jumpsuit with the midriff showing but I wasn’t so brave. It looks great with your matching accessories and what a good price on the fabric. x


    1. Thank you! The midriff on this one is actually pretty minimal, and mostly covered by the ties, so it felt like a good one to experiment with!


  2. Eeee! This looks so beautiful on you! I love the cut and style of the jumpsuit (and your cute coordinating bralette!). More than anything though, this colour is stunning on you! Apricot forever! 🧡

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