Sewing the Scene ’18 – VOTE HERE

The deadline has passed, the projects are posted. Shall we collectively geek out over these beauties? As I laid out in my original post, the winners of these votes will receive prizes, but they will ALL still be entered in to the random prize draws on Friday as well. I mostly just want to celebrate this work, don’t you?

Without further ado…

FAITHFUL: A Faithful Recreation.

Sarah from @stitchtacksew made this stunning pink coat, inspired by a Givenchy coat worn by Audrey Hepburn in How To Steal a Million. She used the Sapporo Coat pattern from Papercut Patterns, and fabric from eBay! In the interest of fairness, I’m only including one photo of each finished project, and one of the inspiration, but do check out her feed for a lovely shot of the lining as well.

Jocelyn, @sewingsiren, recreated this gorgeous look from White Christmas, originally designed by Edith Head. The only difference I can spot is the waistband on the blouse, and I’m not the only one who thinks it is possibly even better than the original! More photos available on her Instagram feed as well.


The delightful @delightfullypeculiar was inspired by Cate Blanchett-as-Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator to make her Flint pants and Burda blouse. Both pieces are gorgeous in their own right, and I think the look is spot on, timeless cool. More photos available on her blog.

Edit: The winner was @sewingsiren!

Twist: With a Little Twist or Update

Emily, @mlemaust, rocking a Breakfast Club look, updated with her signature love of wax print. I love that she reworked the inspiration to her own taste, style, and stash! It looks like Claire, yes, but it looks like Emily more. More photos on her feed, and a vlog she posted: she made both pieces, and they are both gorgeous and completely wearable separately.


Katrin of @sagner_by_katrin managed more than one entry, but I was blown away by this jacket inspired by Belle in the 2017 Beauty and The Beast. She changed the colour palette to suit her taste, but retained the original shape quite faithfully. The overall effect is a beautiful, interesting garment that you might never connect to Belle if you didn’t know. Do check out her process photos – the bound seams are especially lovely.


Natalie from @shouldbesewing made this beautiful jacket inspired by Romola Garai’s character in The Hour. It’s actually quite an accurate recreation in details (the fabric is particular spot on – see the reverse texture? It’s from our friends at Minerva!), but I include it in this category because I love how it looks with modern styling here. Not remotely costume-y, just a high quality garment in 2018. More pictures of the lovely lining and details on her feed.


Edit: The winner was @shouldbesewing!

WOW: The All-Star Edition. I couldn’t stick to 3. All 4 of these ladies were finalists last year, and they’ve brought their A-game again in 2018. I’m a follower and a fan of them all!

Charlotte from @tuppencehapenny made this absolute showstopper of an outfit, inspired by one worn by Betty Grable in the 1944 film Pin Up Girl. She didn’t just sew it, guys, she designed the fabric from Spoonflower specifically for the project. Then photographed it with the perfect backdrop at Goodwood revival, because Charlotte doesn’t mess around. It’s pretty much perfect. More photos on her blog.

Kelly, @seamracer, made three separate, completely amazing entries for Sewing the Scene this year, but this is my personal favourite, not least because I know Kelly is an Agent Carter fan. Check out that neckline! Something I love about her feed is the attention to detail – this is from a post WWII pattern, with a lot of hand-sewing involved in the making of it. More photos on her feed, and do check out the other entries as well, they are equally specific and wonderful.


Mona, @sewagainstthegrain, is so good at details, you guys. I wouldn’t know where to start in copying this dress, but she has done so. The original inspiration is a swirl dress worn by Ethel Mertz in I Love Lucy, with this cool arrow motif that Mona recreated with bias tape! She also prefers more of a half-swirl closure, so that’s what she did! Because sewing is magic, and we get to have what we want. A couple of great detail shots on her feed.

Linda, @listokap, made this western style shirt inspired by Steven Linder in the Bridge. Western shirts are not the easiest thing to sew, I don’t think, but all the detail pays off so much. The piping, the pockets, the curved yoke – it’s all done so, so well. I strongly recommend reading her post about the sewing details to fully appreciate the care and skill that went into making this shirt. Linda also had some interesting things to say about identifying with fictional characters – I agree so much.


Edit: The winner was @tuppencehapenny!


Voting will be open for 48 hours, then I will announce these and all the prize draws on Friday.

HUGE thank you to all the sponsors, Minerva Crafts, My Body Model, Folkwear Patterns, Sewalicious, Sew House Seven, Sew Hayley Jane, Girl Charlee UK, Seamwork, Janome, Maven Sewing Patterns, and Beyond Measure.

And another HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who posted for Sewing The Scene. I couldn’t include them all here, but look out for highlights on Instagram stories this week. So many beautiful things, so much fun inspiration. As sewing challenges go, I’m aware that this one is, well, challenging, so I applaud absolutely everyone who took part.

So, go ahead and vote, and I will see you again on Friday!

Jo x


2 thoughts on “Sewing the Scene ’18 – VOTE HERE

  1. Thank you so much for shortlisting my coat!! I’ve enjoyed Sewing the Scene so much and it’s so nice seeing everyone’s creations on IG, so much variety!! Thanks for organising everything!!!


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