Knits for Christmas

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the zig zag.


Hi guys! Did you have a good Christmas/Yule/vegan-cheese-and-Catan-season? We did. Mega busy, but the stuff of memories. I had family visiting from California and Canada, and we ran everyone completely ragged, if I’m honest. South Bank, museums, Kew, walks in the forest, Brick Lane – and this is all alongside each and every one of us coming down with a stomach bug in our turn, and a big fat family Christmas Day in the middle.

In anticipation of a season of Christmas craziness, I have to admit that I was feeling festive, so I didn’t just make some Christmas leggings, I made matching Christmas leggings with both of my kids. Boom.

Mine, above, are the Seamwork Shelly patternwhich I like very much. I had trouble pattern matching in the back, but the front is ok, and anyway I always wear an over-butt sweater with leggings anyway. I especially like the long gusset, and the wide waistband – they’re ridiculously comfortable, with great ease of movement.

For my kids, who are roughly the same size (one is slightly taller, one slightly heavier), I just traced off an old pair of RTW and sized up. Easy peasy.


I bought the buffalo plaid jersey from Girl Charlee, and it worked great for all of us. Great stretch and recovery, nice and soft, and while I envisioned these as Christmas leggings, they’re certainly wearable for the rest of winter. My kids are really hard on their clothes, so it’s nice to know that I can knock up another pair so easily.

The only unusual thing about this project, I suppose, is that I’ve gone back to hemming knits with a zig zag stitch. I’ve tried the twin needle method, and failed, and failed, and failed again. I found myself avoiding knits, which is bonkers, because knits are so great to wear. So, I’ve hemmed all our leggings with a tidy zig zag stitch, which looks homemade, and I feel liberated. What’s wrong with a charmingly homespun finish anyhow? Bring on the knits!


Girl Charlee also very kindly sent me some of their new French Terry, which made for an excellent Simplicity 8529…


I had so far avoided the split hem option of this pattern because of my issues with knit hems, but emboldened as I was with my zig zag successes, I finally tried it. I love it, and I refuse to apologise for it. Isn’t the print great for winter as well? I wear a pullover most days in the winter, and now I’m opening up a wider world of knitty possibilities.


So here’s to 2019, and to trying new things, or giving up new things and going back to old things that work. Thanks for reading this post, and every other post this past year.

Jo xx


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