Fuzzy Pink Seamwork Jill Coat

So, remember my other Jill? In theory, that one was to test out whether or not I liked the pattern for this fabric, for a proper winter-weight coat. I was worried that this fuzzy pink situation could go very badly bathrobe, but I think I’ve just about squeaked it. While I was making it, I was surprised to find it feeling more 90’s girly goth (yes, that was a thing) than bathrobe. Imagine this with a black slip dress and ripped fishnets, and you have a dream outfit for 13-year-old me.


I bought the fabric from Maggie’s in Lewisham market, and it’s some sort of poly blend. As you may remember, I’m not into buying new animal products, so a deadstock synthetic like this, that won’t need frequent laundering, seems like a solid option. For one  thing, it’s really, really warm. We went for a walk in the woods on the coldest day of the year (honestly, the mud underfoot was frozen), and I was toasty. It’s actually a stable knit, with this nobbly texture on one side. If you’re thinking that it looks similar to some of the pink fuzzy coats on the high street right now, I suspect it’s the *exact* same fabric.


I haven’t deviated from the pattern much in essentials, like last time, just a few small adjustments for the fabric choice. For one thing, I was worried about topstitching the patch pockets on (3 layers of this is a bit much), so I machine stitched the pocket bottom on, then hand stitched the sides. I did both a backstitch from the inside, and a slip stitch from the right side so it would be extra strong. (By the by, I picked up this book on 18th Century Dressmaking with an Amazon voucher, and it’s very interesting! Especially in terms of hand-sewing techniques. I’m beginning to think that hand finished details are rather underrated. By me, that is.)


On the other hand, I did decide to topstitch all along the lapel, because I was struggling to get a good press on it, and this just keeps the shape tidy. I don’t generally *like* doing topstitching, because I’m bad at it, but sometimes it’s necessary. You’ll also notice I didn’t bother lining this one either. I don’t know, life is short, and nobody is thinking too much about the inside of my coats. Not even when I stick them on the internet. I also made an error in hemming but I’m not telling if you can’t spot it.  The only other question mark in my mind is whether or not to add a button. Most of the time I don’t mind, but if it’s windy and my hands are full, a button might be nice.


So that’s my coat! It’s warm, but was still a nice easy make. The styling here is less Shirley Manson, and more can’t-be-bothered-freezing-my-ass-off.

Jo xx


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